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Indonesia Gets First Seaplane Landing on Lake Recorded with MURI Award

By Rivaldi Cesanosa Jan 25, 2024

The first-ever seaplane demonstration and trial flight will take place on the Kopiko Grand Prix of Indonesia, also known as the F1 Powerboat 2023, in Lake Toba, Indonesia, according to the Ministry of Transportation in Indonesia. In the future, seaplanes are anticipated to be a viable mode of transportation for visitors. For the testing, there will be two landing and takeoff procedures in Lake Toba.

At the press conference held on February 25 at the Mulia Raja Napitupulu Port Terminal Building’s Media Center, Ir. Junaidi, Director of River, Lake, and Ferry Transportation for the Ministry of Transportation, conveyed that the Transportation Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMP) of the Ministry played a role in the seaplane landing. “The vehicle is intended to be made available to tourists. We’ll have larger capacities in the future, but for now, it can accommodate four people. “This aircraft has the ability to land on water,” said Junaidi.

The Ministry of Transportation’s Indonesian Aviation Academy (API) in Banyuwangi is the home of the aircraft, which is also referred to as an amphibian plane. The only college in Southeast Asia offering instruction in water flying that will generate dependable seaplane pilots is API.

“It’ll be the first time for lake landing. So, this will also get an award from MURI specifically for seaplanes landing in Indonesia, especially Lake Toba,” said Junaidi.

BPSDMP Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, Heri Sudarmaji, explained that seaplane trials in the F1 Powerboat series is conducted to promote Ministry of Transportation’s universities and see the potential for developing tourism through seaplanes.

“Also, we want to explore the potential to facilitate seaplane pilot training and tourism. So, tourists who come here don’t have to spend hours by land but more quickly by seaplanes,” explained Heri.

Banyuwangi API Director, Captain Daniel Dewantoro Rumani, informed us that the seaplane trial schedule is adjusted to the F1 Powerboat racing series. The trial will be carried out at 12.15-12.30 PM local time (WIB) on February 25, with Captain Pilot Demi and Captain Imam, and at 12.15-12.50 PM local time (WIB) on February 26.

“We inform you that this is the first in Indonesia. We also have made the first water airport in a water-based design on a lake,” said Daniel.

In the Toba Area, transportation plans and builds infrastructure.

One of the supporting structures constructed by the Ministry of Transportation is the Mulia Raja Napitupulu Port Terminal Building in Balige, which serves as the media center and press conference room for the Lake Toba F1 Powerboat 2023 event. The Ministry has constructed infrastructure at 13 ports in total.

“This includes Ajibata, Ambarita, Tigaras Simanindo, Silalahi, Balige, Muara, Tonggeng, and Baktiraja Port. We built ports infrastructure which become a symbol of transportation,  provided for Lake Toba specifically,” said Junaidi.

In addition, the Ministry of Transportation also provided 50 shuttle buses to transport visitors and spectators to the main venue. Supporting this, the provincial government also provided 30 units of shuttle buses.

Head of the Land Transportation Management Center for Region II of North Sumatra Province, Batara Pardede, also stated that his party has coordinated with related parties to realise proper management of people’s mobilization and traffic.

“We also assist road safety facilities such as road markings, road signs, traffic cones, and water barriers for field officers carrying out traffic engineering,” said Batara.

Licensed Expert is in charge of Trauma Center.

In 2023, a trauma center and medical team, headed by licensed physician Dr. Steven Anthonis as Chief Medical Officer (CMO), are ready to offer the necessary care during the Lake Toba F1 Powerboat. In the past, he has managed trauma centers for events like Superbike and MotoGP.

“As chief, I have to take a new license to be able to lead or be responsible for this race. It is my first time working with UIM (The Union Internationale Motonautique). I am responsible for the track medical service, the crew, and the drivers,” said Steven.

Steven explained that he had formed a team that met requirements and was always in contact with the UIM’s Medical Director. The team is also supported by local hospitals. “Adam Malik Hospital of Medan is the most supportive so far, with dr. Kamal as representative. I appreciate Adam Malik hospital’s support,” he explained.

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